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  1. Honestly... /ps is becoming a hug wall of text which is extremely hard to read and find what you want:
    I know this has been suggested before and such but its just becoming more and more of a problem
    I suggest adding an interface with items you click to change {like the /res cpset}
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  2. Maybe something similar to /res cpset. Except just have that as the standard /ps.
    Or, as saw someone else suggest, line them up vertically.

    Your personal settings for this server:
    [Drop Head]: off
    [Chat Sound Alerts]: on
    [Chat Alert Sound]: orb_pickup
    Click to Change Settings: [smpx] [All]

    EDIT: Or, divide the settings into groups. Like

    [Combat] contains Head drop, mob boss spawns, difficulty
    [Chat] contains chat sounds, chat pitch, shop notify, status message bar, token notifications
    [Misc/friends] contains friend things, map hide, etc.
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  3. Thats the command i was looking for :p
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  4. That would be nice!
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