Immature players

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  1. So, I reported 2 players for arguing and swearing at eachother. They carried on, one threatened to quit EMC. I told them to timeout and ignore eachother, they carried on, the other one left after making so much fuss about leaving.

    Then they logged back on, suddenly, they were friends again. Then the other player was telling people to read his book, and the person they were arguing with read it. They gave it back. Then, I waved at them about 10 blocks away. One of them reported me for attempted PvP for some reason, and forced me to read their book. This is their book:

    So yeah... A wonderful, mature player. Amirite? They also say they are 20 years old and then they say they're 10 years old.
    On an unrelated note, yes, I got Minecraft working on my Ubuntu :D
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  2. They're 20 years old.. together...

    2 guys = 20 years old
    10 years of age + 10 years of age = 20 years of age..

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  3. I never notice this on SMP6, nothing happens there. I'm not kidding.
  4. same with smp1, not many ppl i see like that
  5. I havent seen a fight on SMP8 in a while thats weird lol
  6. Its was like that on smp5 for a time kinda slow down since school start but weekend comes that member nik picks at everything
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  7. I never notice this in the wild...Oh wait...
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  8. You know who it is? They kept comparing people to people from smp5.
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  9. I live in the wild on smp1.
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  10. Lol
  11. Come on smp2, no fights, there are immature people, but its fun :D
  12. ;)
  13. I have a wild guess... Is your name Jamie?
  14. SMP5 is like this quite a lot these days. I normally use /ch off when I log on. (I'm mostly on SMP1 nowadays)
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  15. 6 is pretty remote I guess, nothing ever exactly happens. Good or bad.
  16. Because it's dead..... XP
  17. Dead is nicer then the alternative.
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  18. True.jpg
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  19. ikr
  20. Yes. It is.
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