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  1. Since I just signed up to Imgur, I need help on the steps how to upload your pics and all...
  2. There's no need to sign up :)

    Just go to, click "Upload" and the rest is fairly easy.
  3. UGH! I'm a noob!

    EDIT: Wheres Upload since I signed up :p
  4. Just sign out and do it, I'm not sure where it is when you're signed up :)
  5. kk.. Upload from Web or Computer :p
  6. Computer :D

    *This is my 3000th post*
  7. How do you find the MC pic?
  8. If you do it while signed in just click images in the top left. It should bring the screen that shows your pictures on the site and the buttons and whatnot to upload them.
  9. Next Question:

  10. lol for Minecraft? You'll have to open the %appdata% folder, go to .minecraft, find screenshots folder.
  11. Thank you! I'm getting my pics ready for the next thread!
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