i'm watching you!!

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  1. Now I'll never be alone! :D Goodbye Forever Aloneness, we had a good run! ;(
  2. RUN A STALKER!!!!!!
  3. No offense, but it seems this was done just for the spam...
  4. it was not spam, i just make useless threads for fun xD
  5. hey, i'm the slenderman, i stalk people for a living ;)
  6. Are you nfell2009's alt? And I am Slender Man, not you.
  7. prove it ;)
    EDIT: what do u mean by "Alt"?
  8. I have had a Slender Man longer than you have been on EMC and I have had this signature since early November.
    As for alt, an alt is an alternate account someone has. I was making a joke that you were nfell2009's alt, because you said that you like making spam threads for fun. It is a common joke that nfell2009 likes to spam.
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  9. no i am not his alt xD
  10. Your threads are a bunch of spam recently. They have no meaning whatsoever.
    Don't take this as offense, just informing you you can get banned/get your posts deleted, if it is deemed necessary, by the mods.
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  11. To be honest, this is my only spam thread...
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  13. And the "I have captured the assassin" thread; so three.
  14. :p