I'm thinking of making a workers union on EMC.

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  1. As we all know, lots of people do work for others here on EMC, so why hasn't anyone made a union? It could help make EMC a better place for our workers. (I dont work for anyone, I make my rupees on my own.) Here are some guild lines I have come up with. (These are NOT final!)

    1. Minimal wage for a job would be 100R. If the job is being done in the wild, the employer must pay his/her worker another 50R, due to the chance of death.
    2. The pay of the job MUST be told to the worker and a pay day MUST be decided on.
    3. All risks of the job MUST be told to the worker. Only really applies to wild jobs but should still be told in town.
    4. If it is a wild job, the employee has the right t0 refuse the job, even if he/she has already agreed.
    5. If death occurred on the job, and the employer did not tell not tell the employee the risks, the employer must pay a fine of 50R to the worker.

    Most of these are based on the Alberta working standers. (Or something close to the name.) If you have any ideas for this, or think this could work, please tell me!
  2. The only thing that might now work very well is the 10R minimal wage, I might bump it up to 20R.
  3. 20r for dyings kinda low, maybe 50?
  4. Sure. First time I made something like this, and people want things to be higher.
  5. Yeah maybe town job 20 wild job 50
  6. A Union is perhaps a good idea in the sense that it'll establish base-rates for jobs, but your prices are wildly out of whack right now.

    I've hired lots of people to help dig out the area for Run For Diamonds, and I was operating on 150r per three layers of dirt that was I think 15 x 40. At the same time, I've paid people 500r for helping me clear out a smaller area than that.

    Personally, I'd be surprised if you got people working for less than 100r because it's taking away their gaming and enjoyment time to do what's probably a rubbish job.
  7. Ok, I'll put minimal wage at 100R for all, since you can buy almost any block at the store with that.
  8. It's a difficult one to set a base limit to.

    Right now, I'm paying a guy 1000r plus completion bonus to dig out swads of Dirt on my Utopia lot.

    It's all pretty much case-by-case.

    The biggest problem with hiring people though, is the people that take a job and then want to quit. That's why I stipulate that if you start work and decide you can't be bothered, I wont pay you. That's bad ethics and you're morally weak if you change your mind halfway through a job.

    So perhaps we should get an Employers Union too to protect us? :)
  9. The day there's a union artificially inflating the cost of labor is the day this Empire is ruined. Unions tend to ultimately destroy everything they touch.

    Suddenly the Empire will be filled with dozens of people standing around leaning on their pickaxes.
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  10. I agree, I've no time for Unions. As my avatar might suggest, it's not something that we bother about in my line of work!

    If you want better pay, get a better job, etcetc. However, that's Real World© politics and not for EMC. :)
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  11. What about a union of shops which agrees not to pay any player more than 100r?
  12. Then EMC IS screwed. Its a free market, not a dictatorship.
  13. I think it should be up to the employers descression as to how much to pay a worker... i know theres minium wage in real life but still, 100 minimum is a bit steep considering a regualar member only gets that much a day. Also its not like theres a need for support of workers rites on minecraft..because of the nature of it being a game.. So, I dunno wether there would be much point in doing this.
  14. 100 also misses a timeframe... 100/hr? 100/day? 100/ever?

    I mean, I have had lumberjacks working for me making hundreds of rupees in an hour, and others pretty much make nothing since they don't do anything. That's why I buy by the stack, and not per hour.
  15. If you ask me, when it comes to hiring people it's pretty much a case of:

    If you're rich, you hire people, if you're not you do it yourself. Hence why the I never pay less than 100r for a job. I'm taking away someones funtime to dig dirt. I'll compensate them for that.

    The level of your wealth, the job at hand and the timescale for completion all dictate the end price to be paid for the labour.
  16. I would be happy if people just DID the job they were payed to do :)

    I tried 4 different people yesterday - all they needed to do was plant 200 melon seeds and bonemeal them.

    I was offering 3000 rupees (For a 30min job......) and yet they all just disconnected or their house was on fire..

    So sure - make a "union" but i doubt its gonna do any good with the current low standard moral of the piss poor workers! (At least those i got in contact with..)
  17. Yup. Nothing worse than hiring a slacker.

    For that sort of money, give me a shout if I'm on mate, I'll do it without complaining.
  18. But to prove that the employer didn't tell the worker about the risks etc, the worker would have to take screenshots and prove it and there would be soooooo many fights and threads about "he didn't tell me and then wouldn't compensate me for dying", all that sort of rubbish , I just think it's unnecessary and an employer should pay a worker what he wants to pay him or the worker should get another job, simple as that.
  19. I agree with Sopby on this one. This sort of thing wouldn't kick off- if players are happy to work for less, that's up to them- their employers aren't forcing them to be paid such a low wage- there's nothing stopping them from rejecting the job offer.

    Also, there'd be nobody to enforce it. Moderators already have enough on their plates with griefers, thieves, spammers, scammers and illegitimate gamblers.

    It'd be such a headache for moderators if people started going to the wild on a job and 'accidentally' dying. Then a whole row sparks about the player 'deserving' compensation and both parties feel cheated. Some players would take advantage of this just to extort their employers.

    In real life if a person is paid to, say for example, deliver a package. Is the employer expected to say 'Oh, by the way, there's a chance that you'll be in a car accident'? No. That's a risk of being on the road. Similar situation- in the wild, there are mobs. If a player is ill-prepared, it's their own fault. So if the driver crashes would he then sue his employer for not stating the obvious?

    This wouldn't work, sorry.
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