I'm stuck :(

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Help me!!

No. 6 vote(s) 46.2%
O.k., I will try. 4 vote(s) 30.8%
YES!!! 3 vote(s) 23.1%
  1. I am stuck in a cave with a half heart left, and not enough hunger to heal. :( (SMP3 waste center)
    How? I fought a creeper, BOOM! He exploded and I lost a bit of health, not sure. Then another creeper, BOOM!!! Luckily, I survived with half a heart left. I fear badly I will die.

    What I have-
    Full iron armor
    Iron sword
    58 arrows
    random drops (not much)
    a zombie virus

    To be more specific, I am in the SMP3 waste, center, turn around and go down the steps go down the stairicase to near bedrock, somewhere in that area I am stuck with a half-heart left, hoping for someone to come.
  2. drink the virus, the only hope of survival or flesh rotten flesh saves lives
  3. Ok, but the virus isn't restistance V, it is IV, only V+ will make you invinurable.
    I don't have any flesh either. :(
  4. How much hunger do you have? Rotting flesh regens 1.5 chopsticks so if you have enough, eat it and regen. Should get u up to 4 or 5 hearts.
  5. :) If I was around, i'd come rescue you.

    But honestly. Your best bet is you drop all your stuff, wall up the cave, then go kill yourself. come back with pickaxe and get your stuff. Better to die and return on your own terms than risk loosing gear to a zombie or lava or washed away or something.

    Just remember the coords.
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  6. I adventure in that cave a lot, but I haven't explored that area yet. Yeah, I have no chance. But good idea, bad thing, IDK the cords, plus, I'm in a cave.
    I don't have much hunger either though :(
  7. I can come rescue you. :) Just let me hop on and find you.
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  8. what are the coords im on and looking for ya too
  9. Just keep saying hello in wasteland center on smp 3. ;3
    You can track him from there. :p
  10. i have been XD
  11. Use the livemap. :)
  12. keep on thinking this is ethy
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  13. Lol yeah.
    I will be on at about 5:08 to 5:10 mountain time, I will say "hi" when I get on.
    NOTE-I will give 500r to who saves me.
    Edit-I will be at my Muay Thai (sort of karate from Thailand), so I won't be back until 5:05.
  14. Hope you got out OK, I just started on the server and the first hole I went into I lost it all, tried to get it back and lost another bunch of stuff, those new mobs are tough.
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  15. Your best chance might be to make a run for it, and every time you see a mob just disconnect so it despawns. Good luck!
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  16. Ok.
    Sry that happened :l

    Note-Getting on empire right now.
    Edit-Chigged the virus, and now have no hunger. I need someone to come, AND NOW!!!
    Edit2-I figured that I have some breead in my inventory, even though I didn't have it before. :confused: I HAVE HEALTH!!! :D:)