I'm stuck in the wastelands

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  1. Ok, this is getting ridiculous. I've been stuck in the wastelands for quite some time now. When I type in the chat, no one responds. I don't know how to get out, it's not specified anywhere how I can get back to my residence or something. No commands work, I have no way of getting back (unless wandering for days) and apparently no one here is actively online or something.
    I would be very grateful if someone could at least point me in the right direction.
  2. Go onto live map (type /map in game)
    Click on your character on the right player list
    Guide yourself back to an outpost/spawn point.
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  3. Nobody can hear you in the waste unless someone is in the waste with you. You have to go to the waste spawn to be able to use commands to get back to town. Make sure you use /map in game or use the live map on forums to find where you are in the waste and the nearest spawn/outpost, make sure you go to that place then and you can use the commands from there.
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  4. If u Can't get back I can come get u
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  5. I have been stuck in the wasteland. I was enderpearling around and when I was teleported it put me into the ground and I could not get out. Luckily, I was on skype and my son came to my rescue, he had to dig me out, lol.
  6. There's a really easy way to remember all the coordinates of the outposts.

    All X coordinates are: 2,000; 0; or -2,000
    All Z coordinates are: 2,000; 0; or -2,000

    Pick any combination of the above numbers (preferably closest to your coordinates) and that's where an outpost is.

    And, regarding nobody hearing you, you can't talk in Town Chat unless you're a supporter. Because there was nobody near you, nobody could hear you.

    On another (slightly) related note, the same method above can be used for the Frontier.

    All X coordinates are 10,000; 0; or -10,000
    All Z coordinates are 10,000; 0; or -10,000

    Hope this helped!
  7. Thanks guys! I had some help in game really fast after my post. I really appreciate all the responses :) I might even stick around.