Im stil logged in!!!!!

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  1. It says im still logged in to a server but im not i cant even reach the server i was on it says connection timed out. and then when i try to connect to the server that i can reach it says i can only be logged into one server!!! PLEASE HELP... :(
  2. pm ICC, or a mod, they will kick you from the server, allowing you to log back in.
  3. Pm a mod on the forums and ask them to kick you off the server that you were on last.
  4. and why was that i wasnt warned and i didnt do anything wrong
  5. oh I didnt read fully ok and how do i pm them?? im new here
  6. click the bit at the top right of your screen that says "inbox" then click "start new conversation" :D
  7. That happened to me I just closed minecraft, reopened minecraft,closed,reopened then tried and it was fine(happened to me 3 times in 1 day)
  8. Just keep trying, that's what I do.
  9. Why did you guys bump this?
  10. It isn't really bumped. I don't think it had that red text and what-not.
  11. well this thread was from Friday so im pretty sure the problem was solved :cool: really i count anything as " bumped" whenever the problem is solved or whenever someone posts out of the "blue"
  12. True, but it's not a mega-bump at least.
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  13. the problem was solved it was happening because we had that major smp connection prob but evrything is a ok now!!