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  1. So, if you have noticed the past month or so, i haven't been on. i actually have a few reasons why I'm not online at all

    1. im currently in school. 8th grade baby! Also, i actually transferred from my old school in a very bad part of town to the "hippie" section of town. and let me just say its 10x better than my old school.
    2. My computer is kinda broken (thanks dad). so java is now completely broken for me. also, my driver is completely crappy, so i often get freezes and blue screens, and even exited out of games randomly
    3. im on some sort of fitness thing. im kinda chubby, so my parents made me go to a fitness center 4 days a week. all i have is weekends and Monday to chillax
    4. I've honestly gotten kind of bored of that game. i mean yeah, i LOVE going online and finding my friends, like chloemaggie or silvercrown or gamerkidz2002, but Ive been playing minecraft for 3 years! honestly, Ive gotten burnt out of the game. BUT if you want to find me, im on steam, named"the best Jedi". Or if your sane enough to go with playstation,im jamcar2514 on playstation 3 (i know, im not hip with the kids and getting playstation 4). I'm usually playing on this one server on Gmod called "Gmod tower" and its extremely fun.

    So yeah, those are my reasons im not on anymore. BUT DON'T WORRY!! I'll try to be on when java is fixed and is not being a piece of crap. That means, yes, IM NOT DEAD:D! but i guarantee, I'll be on by Halloween, i know that seems like a long time, but we aren't very rich at all. a decent driver is about $100 to $250. Well, i guess your getting bored, so I'll wrap it up here. See ya, and stay beautiful.
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