im somewhat new :/

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  1. ello!
    im melissa C:
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  2. Welcome to the Empire.
    I [and everyone else as well] hope you enjoy your stay with us.
    A few questions to get you started; which server have you decided to settle on then?
    What is your plan for awesome creations?
    And finally cake or death?
  3. welcome to the EPIC empire :p
  4. Welcome to our wonderful server Melissa. I'm on SMP2 so if you have any questions, feel free to come online and ask me there. Also, thanks for the follow! :)
  5. Hey simon havent you ever noticed she plays smp2?
    Anyways, you dont seem that new to me.
  6. "Somewhat new" :)
  7. I've not been very active recently (A)
  8. How you doing
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  9. Welcome at EMC :)