I'm shaking right now.

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  1. I was out for a walk and I got attacked by a young person.

    In the middle of it someone who I didn't know approached, the young person said "oh your ugly sibling is coming" and ran off.

    The person was not my sibling by the way.
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  2. are you okay? have you called the police?
  3. It wasn't really police-worthy. It was mainly a verbal attack.
  4. That's... Odd...

    Man... This feels so much like Skyrim/Fallout random encounters XD
    Well, I hope everything keeps normal from now on.
  5. I have 2 things to say about this 1 nonreligious the other religious
    1. Are you ok?
    2. God sends the unexpected to help people during hard times, I think this was a miracle by God
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  6. well, im glad it wasnt physical
  7. I'll never do it again.
  8. ?
    Are you trying to joke? This isn't funny.
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  9. This is quite unfortunate.
  10. Hilarious.

    I hope you're okay, Kitten. I have been in this situation many times. On one occasion somebody threatened to snap my dog's back and they and a group of about five older lads threw bricks at me. It really is terrifying. I wound up being afraid of walking my dog for a long time >.>

    Just be glad somebody bothered to help, or the guy backed off when he saw another person coming. I had two people walk by while I was almost hit in the head by a brick who did absolutely nothing. Its a good thing my house was just on the other side of the field :p
    Or maybe it was just another person walking the same way as Kitten. I'd imagine he was on a path where people walk, and the place where Kitten was seems to be fairly busy :p
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  11. The park isn't THAT busy, although you do find the occasional person feeding the ducks and ignoring the bloody sign telling you not to feed them due to angel wing.

    Although it is busy enough for someone to come by.
  12. Be very careful in these situations. I was shot several times a year or so ago by someone doing the same thing.
  13. That's scary. I'm glad they didn't do anything worse than that, and I hope the fright will go away soon. I don't think this should be a reason to not go outside anymore, they probably just choose the first person they saw, and not you specifically.
  14. What do you mean by "attacked?"
    Are you serious?
  15. I doubt somebody would do that over here. Guns are almost impossible to get hold of. A knife (which is, like, much easier to kill someone with than a gun :p), however...
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  16. Where I live, every household has around 4 guns each :p
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  18. sadly, we do not have dinosaurs.
  19. By the way, I mean the area I live in, not the whole country :p
  20. That's probably a good thing, otherwise stuff like this would happen: