I'm selling my soul for Bitcoins.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by 72Volt, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. A while back, I mentioned in a thread that I planned to sell my soul, because I don't believe in the existence of supernatural miscellany like that.

    A few days ago, I came up with the idea of selling my soul on a Bitcoin marketplace.

    And here's the thread I posted: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=159024

    At the moment, I have made over £5 in Bitcoins so far, mostly from a conditional deal I made with someone to also read a book on Christianity and morality as well as giving them a unit of my soul.

    I also plan to start up other businesses with Bitcoin using the revenue from my soul to kickstart it all, including writing papers for people, making simple viral advertisements, setting up an advertising network based on the forum signatures on that site, Skype lessons on economics, bonds and securities in my soul, and maybe a Minecraft server in the long term, with an Empire Shop type thing where you can buy items for Bitcoins.
    If you have any other ideas, let me know :D

    But of course, what do you all think of my core venture?
  2. It's kind of like getting a face tattoo. There is no way you'll regret it in 15 years. :D
  3. I would suggest not selling your soul; and, instead, splitting it and putting it in horcruxes for future use.
  4. You sure your soul isn't punished with a curse from Soulpunisher?
    I don't think people want cursed souls.
    And are you really Mark Zuckerberg?
  5. Well, considering that a) I'm getting money and b) I'm doing it for an actual ideological purpose I mentioned down in the thread, no. No I won't ^_^

    I have split it into units of ownership, so I can theoretically sell my soul indefinitely.

    It's not cursed to my knowledge, no.
    I may be Mark Zuckerberg. I may not be Mark Zuckerberg. There are no guarantees I am anything, if anything.
  6. isnt a dollar worth of bitcoins worth like 70 dollars? or did the market drop again?
  7. $90, I think.
  8. I see what you are doing. You are making horcruxes out of the documents you send the buyers of your soul. In doing this, you will become too powerful for IcC to ban again. He would have to go on a task of destroying each of these horcruxes before he could ban you. Well payed, 72Volt. Well played.
  9. No! That's totally not at all what I'm doing...
    goddamnit, Hylian, why must you blow my cover?
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  10. Sounds like something that might be best coordinated through Kickstarter.
  11. How so? This isn't an artistic project.
  12. If you don't believe in the existance of your soul, I see a big scam from your side there, plus it's not worth a bit compared to the soul of a believer. But hey, if there's people who buy blank books called "Nothing", I guess there's market for anything.

    I call it "natural selection" and we need more of it, so keep it up.
  13. Well, I have seen far worse on Kickstarter, that's for sure
  14. Well, it may not be worth anything to me, but people who do believe in the existence of a soul still believe I have a soul, and most believe that it's one of value even if I don't believe.
  15. lol the concept of "weight of a soul" is strictly egyptian in fact christianity values every soul the same and says so in its text. additionally this is a purely esoteric exercise so your opinion on what is and isnt a valuable soul is mostly irrelevant
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  16. Oh, but it could be. You could do crayon drawings on a piece of paper of pieces of soul and send it with a certificate of authenticity that this is one share in your soul. Doesn't have to be too artistic either. You could also have Tshirts printed with a simplistic design, decals, etc.

    Merchandising is the key, my friend.
  17. That is interesting and useful information. Thank you.
  18. I could indeed embed the soul certificates into a lot of merchandising, you are indeed correct.
    But of course I will have to wait until this takes off a bit more. ;)
  19. If they actually believed in the existance of your soul, they would also believe that it's not yours to sell and that it belongs to either Purgatory or some deity who gave ot to you for start, so they are buying something against their beliefs. I still see the scam xD but I also said it's good, all money that goes from people to people who earned it by outsmarting the first is well invested money because hopefully, the second will make better use of it.
  20. Well, as a Christian, I find it utterly ridiculous that 72Volt has the ability to do what he says. But it sure is fun to think that he thinks that he could. And really when it comes down to it, this is an entertainment item . . . like a magic 8-ball or a slinky, and that is where the value lies as well. People pay money for entertainment.