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  1. So I was looking through Google, and typed in my username (I use ChrisTheHylian for literally EVERYTHING), looking for a new picture for my user here on the forums. I found a BUNCH of EMC related things, to my surprise! I also found a screenshot from my first face-reveal video on YouTube (Why did I ever make that thing? xD) Anyway, I found a screenshot I posted on here a while back. For those of you who know me well remember the Mojang Tree, I'm sure.

    Anywho, you may also see a few other familiar things in the backround. Yep, that's Allicanto and Mman's mound mining event from a thousand years ago. I guess it came up because I was mentioned, because I donated.
    Nothing really of importance or special here, but I was shocked to see it!
  2. You'd be amazed at some of the EMC pictures that come up through Google... talk about nostalgia.
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  3. The words...they are brimming with truth.

    Wow...that came out a lot deeper than I expected lol
  4. Omg I searched Pixel_Cat23 and I saw a youtube vid starting with someone introducing me XD I never knew that was made!! Also I found some stuff I had accesed on the EMC forums along with some of my threads! And if you search kathryn8960 ( my youtube name ) there are embarassing pics of me and things I have accessed and my vids of course XD
  5. You must have a good memory! XD
  6. As Hash said, its surprising what you find on Google. lol
  7. Hey, congrats on getting onto Google! :p

    Both "Uber" and "Corq" became companies/apps since I started using the name, but when I image-search "Uber_Corq", then yeah, I just get images I've uploaded here or were uploaded in threads I visited.

    Now to map-search myself to make sure it doesn't point to where I live... >.>
  8. Have fun! *looks out window* Okay, no drones, I'm safe xD
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  9. All that shows up when I search my name on google is pictures of trombones :p The only thing related to me is my EMC profile.
  10. Too late we already know @_@
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  11. You'd be surprised how much things I find from EMC when looking for Minecraft stuff