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  1. Hey crafters im Blake and i have been with empire minecraft for a few years on and off its easy for me to say this is probably the best server for my style as all i do is dig lol and make crazy stuff like so minecraft.png stone or cobblestone donations and advise on a cobble generator would be delightful im only 1/8 of the way done
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  2. Firstly you joined 150 days ago. Not nearly a year. But that is a really cool looking creation.
  3. I can help you with a cobble gen. What server you on?
  4. I recommend visiting /v randomzh on SMP1 - he has a very good free public stone gen. It's very fast, and with the beacon buffs, you can pretty much instantly destroy the stone. :)
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  5. mba i had to buy minecraft again so ment a new account but i think it was around sept 2011 i 1st joined :)
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  6. So you haven't been with the Empire 'on and off for years'.
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  7. yeah its 2013 now
  8. And...?
    You joined the Empire about 6 months ago. That's only half a year. Minecraft also only turned 1 in November. EMC has only been around since June 2011.
  9. Well I joined gamekrib sept 8th 2011 I joined empire minecraft about the same time on a different account don't need to get sour about it.
  10. What... Is it?
  11. It's clearly an upside down pyramid...
    I think.. :p
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  12. a diamond or 2 pyramids
  13. Interesting. I have four 1/4 pyramids on my res. put me together and you get a full pyramid! Someone told me I should make a gigantic pyramid above all of them... I don't know.
  14. the diamond is 2 96 block pyramids one upside down one on top its taking me an age
  15. Need any help?
  16. are you a supporter?
  17. .... It says underneath your name...
    Also you should quote so people know who you are talking to.
  18. Stop arguing. This isn't helping. Soul, stop it. You argued on many different posts, and this isn't helping a bit >.<
  19. That creation looks pretty cool :D
  20. Thank you but i'm not overly bothered guess I gave people the chance to exist even for only a day :)
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