Im not surprised T.E.S has been griefed

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Michael_Nolan, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. the one thing im curious about is why is it that my room the one that got griefed the worst

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  2. They should have taken the glowstone while they were at it!

    Anyways... yeah... not much to say - its sad to see people get griefed but its an everyday thing im affraid..
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  4. What is it about griefers and glowstone? My spider grinder got "griefed" the other day, if you can call some lava dumped on a melon patch and on two of my three spawners "griefed". No chests were disturbed, and they completely ignored the two stacks of glowstone that lit up my slime farm disco floor. I was a little disappointed in the quality of my griefing, actually -- they seemed a little inept.
  5. "Like"

    Trying to show you how dumb they are..
  6. It makes me remember the several times griefers messed up the beautiful utopia wilderness xp grinder...... alot of annoyed and sadly looking at our art in ruins. :(
  7. they no take glowstone? dang these griefers are bad at there job also when you start the new shaft mine town i want to join so ya