Im new on smp8!

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  1. Hi everyone :) Started the day before yesterday. Just trying to get a tree farm going, have made a few trips to the wild for cobble, iron, and coal. WOW is it a skeleton, mined out, kind of overwhelming. Oh well i guess it makes it fun, its like a platformer trying not to fall to my death. Oh well, im having fun so far. Come check out my small shop, i need help setting fair honest prices for my wares. Hope to make some new friends.
  2. welcome to emc fatg! I'm on smp2, so we won't really see each other, but welcome!
  3. Yeah I saw you the other day! Feel free to ask for things when I am online!
  4. We're smp2 buddies... Check my res 3004...
  5. Welcome to EMC :)
  6. you can sell your iron and coal to me if u want, to make some easy money :D
    res 1004
  7. welcome to EMC! i am on smp2 so come see me any time
  8. Welcome to EMC, read the guide, and enjoy your time!
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  9. Thanks Everyone! i feel so welcome :)
  10. Awesome FatAndy! I am also on SMP8, although I live in the wild.
  11. Welcome to EMC where the server trolls you.
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  12. Welcome to EMC! I am the Toamto King! How did you hear about EMC?
  13. I heard about emc from a Guy in a white van selling Ice cream from a Cow he said whatcha want kid? Vanilla? French Vanilla? Strawberry?! Chocolate!?

    Me: No I dont care what flavor all I want is a waffle cone :D

    For all you noobs out der: the GUY is JustinGuy- Owner
    the cow is ICC aka: Admin
    and the flavors hint at the slight modded mincraft we play ;)
    and the waffle is moi of course :p
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  14. Welcome! Hope you enjoy the server! Be sure to read the Empire Rules and be careful what you say or you may be kicked, banned, or even worse... Censored! Welcome to EMC. :)
  15. Haha, Toamto King i Googled minecraft survival multiplayer and EMC came up, i never looked back. . . . .