I'm new. I've met a few of you and I hope to meet more!

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  1. Good morning. I joined the Empire last night, logged into server 9 and was promptly welcomed by Gadget_AD and Jayden56.

    I don't have a residence yet but I have some ideas sketched that I'd like to try. There are no vacancies on server 9 at the moment and I'm not sure if I should stay there and wait or if I should try another server. Any opinions on this? If it's best to wait, I might just set up a small temporary cave in the wasteland so that I won't lose my collection of saplings to creeper attacks.

    Anyway I'm happy to be here and I hope to make some friends and start building.
  2. You should get a lot on SMP3. There is a empty on near my lot. I forget its address, so just go to /v 7291 and look for it. :) Also, welcome to EMC!
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  3. Welcome to EMC. I'd try another server. 1 is a popular choice, but go an outer one like SMP6.
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  4. Welcome to the Greatest Server in Minecraftia!!!
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  5. Welcome to the Empire, where Creepers hug back!

    If you want a res on smp9, walk around to a few res's and do /res info. Find the player's name and then do /player [name]. If they haven't been on for 10 days, take down the res # with /res info and PM an admin on the site. Be sure to do this 3 or 4 times.


    EDIT: If you like parkour, don't forget to check out 11362 on smp5. I have over 10 courses to play for free.
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  6. Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
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  7. Welcome. If you decide to wait, maybe you could use one of the Enderchests at Town Spawn and your Vault page as a temporary storage area until there is a vacancy.
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  8. Welcome to EMC :D
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  9. Welcome to EMC! :D also you can check with a mod to see if any res's on smp9 are available to unlcaim which would mean they would be reset and you could claim it instead. This only happend when the owner of the player is a regular member and they haven't logged on for 10 days.
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  10. Smp1 is the best.. just saying.. :D
    Welcome :)
  11. Thank you so much for the kind welcome everyone. I've got my eye on a residence on smp9 that is completely blank and the owner hasn't logged on in almost a month. I contacted a mod and was told that I needed to wait a week before they could unclaim it for me. I'm in the wilderness for now, searching for some materials that I'll be using for my residence as soon as that spot is claimable. I've had a lot of fun visiting the other servers to admire the creative residences and I can hardly wait to get started on my own. :)
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  12. Sorry its a little late but......Welcome to the Empire! Hope you enjoy your stay :D
  13. Welcome to the Empire Minecraft I hope you have fun.
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  14. I am new as well so from one new person to another welcome and hello.
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  15. I got 4 resses on smp9 (together, so looks like 1 big), and got plenty of room to set up some chests for u if u want. (to store your stuff until u get your own res) free of charge ofc, and also safe :)
  16. Heeeelloooo and welcomeeee to Empire Minecraft, the best Minecraft server!!!!
  17. Thank you for the kind offer and thank you all for the warm welcome. I did just now claim a res on smp9 and I'm very happy to have it! My res is 18036. It's blank now, but I have plans :). To my neighbors: I try earnestly to build structures that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, but if I ever build something that you get really tired of looking at, let me know and I'll strongly consider a redesign. No one likes an eyesore >.<
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  18. If only everyone could have this attitude :)

    Welcome to the Empire!
  19. Hello and welcome to SMP9!

    Congratulations on acquiring a lot! My suggestion for building would be to perhaps plant a large amount of trees and sell the logs and saplings at some stores. Then use the proceeds to buy important things like lava and water to make cobblestone. Just some tips from one newbie to the next.
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