Im making a game!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by mailman31401, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. There's a programming club at my school and im making a minecraft themed game so i was just telling all of you's!
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  2. Sounds awesome. Good luck =)
  3. How do you make it and what kind of a game is it going to be? I would really like more information! :)
  4. Good luck!
    Programming is fun :D
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  5. Epic, I want to see this.
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  6. The game is being coded in JavaScript. I go to that club too.
  7. Programing is fun, If you want cartoon-like graphics, Im your guy
  8. Thnx i will think about it :)
  9. Yay! I'm now working on the project too!
    I'm the graphics guy.
  10. Sounds cool, hope it turns out good :)
  11. Good luck programming a game in Javascript. Seriously, I mean it. Javascript isn't made for games, and even making a simple one if an amazing feat.
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  12. Do u know what platform is used for coding games
  13. If you're starting off, I'd recommend using Unity. It's free to download, and requires very little programming knowledge. Now, before you say anything, Unity does use Javascript, but only because it has a large system backing it that you don't see, and the Javascript simply interfaces with that.
  14. K thnx i might try it after this game
  15. I will post a vid of the game so far!
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