I'm Looking for suppliers or a good shop! Read below!

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  1. Hey i am looking for suppliers or a good shop.
    This is the products I need:
    Carrots (A DC every 3 weeks)
    Gold ingots/blocks/nugget (whenever is possible)
    Sugar (a DC every 2 months)
    Coal (a stack every week)

    Please down below leave your res #, what your willing to supply, and price.
    (FOR SHOPS ONLY) If u know a shop i could buy this at or they can supply please leave res #, price, how much they sell by sign, and what the product is.

  2. i can do the sugar and gold.
    Gold: 10r and ingot
    Sugar: 50r a DC (just for crafting :p)
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  3. I have a supply company, and we could do any of the items :) Gold we do 11k per SC of ingots, coal would be 50r a stack, sugar i could do a dc for 50r and carrots would be about 100r a dc.
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  4. can you like not steal my business...
  5. Umm, i'm not. I replied to the thread. You didn't offer to do all the items, so I offered our services. They still have full freedom to use whomever she chooses.
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  6. I could do DCs of Carrots for 1.5k each (PM me here or in-game for an order of a DC)
    They seem to be a pretty hot item in both my store and my auctions (last auction went for 3k)

    I could do DCs of sugar for 50r each (PM me here or in-game for an order of a DC)

    I can do stacks of coal/charcoal (same except for the image/item ID info/villager trading) for 120r each or 6250r per DC (/v troop53no for stacks) (PM me here or in-game for an order of a DC)

    I can do gold ingots for 1k per stack (/v troop53no) or gold nuggets for 100r per stack (/v troop53no)

    If people have cheaper prices or better prices (or better/faster service) feel free to go to them ahead of me, but I'm always available for these orders

    I average 1-2 DCs of Carrots per day, 1 DC of Coal per week, 3 DCs of Sugar per day, and 1 stack of Gold Ingots every 3 weeks (2-3 stacks of nuggets per week)

    Base your order times on my average times to collect the items. If you ever need an item sooner than I usually can stock it, it will require a price increase based on the work required for the rush order.
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  7. Is it 10r per ingot?
  8. yes, 10r per ingot
  9. Ok my res is 6832 i will set u up a access chest ASAP. Also How much can u provide like the first 2 weeks?
  10. Actually, according to the rules stated here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/marketplace-rules-guidelines.24639/ which you are supposed to read BEFORE posting, that is allowed. It wouldn't be if they said that on your advert.

  11. I actually wanted to post this yesterday, but trying again today :) My residence is 15250, and I have a little farm. I do everything cheap, because it's just for fun. I can do carrots and sugar, and am okay with everything you say as long as it isn't like 39r for a DC.
  12. The whole point of this thread is TO ADVERTISE YOUR SERVICE so that UnicornGirl00 can find the cheapest/best suppliers for her needs, so no rules were broken
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  13. Thank you troop. I did nothing different than what Ark_Warrior did, except i put a name to it. That doesn't make it any different than what he did. I did not post a link to my thread, which THEN would make it advertising.
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  14. And I *DID* read the rules. Think you might want to know the facts before accusing. Thank you.
  15. I didn't mean to cause this much of a blowup and i am sorry for getting mad at you helusion.
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  16. i currently have just over 2 stacks of blocks, but when my gold farm is finished, i can get a ton more.
  17. I know. I said that IS allowed....
  18. Ok i have decided on my suppliers! Here is the list!

    Gold- Ark_Warrior1 Ark_Warrior2
    Sugar- Ark_Warrior1 Ark_Warrior2
    Carrots- Helusion
    Coal- Helusion
    Thanks for posting everyone!! i will set up access chests for everyone with a book inside that will tell u how much i need per week ect and u can write in it if needed i will check daily!!
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  19. The access chests will be in a room by is self with the teleport pads [ACCESS CHESTS]
  20. i mailed the gold to you. How much more do you need? Also how much sugar do you need?