I'm looking for a professional decorator

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  1. I'm looking for someone who would like to
    Help me decorate my hotel (as I can't do it all myself XD) {and my taste in style sucks XD}
    I prefer having someone who has had a decorating job before
    If you are interested pm me on the forms and we can discuss what I need
    And the cost

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  2. Also if you have references
    That would be great :D
  3. Bump
    Still looking for a decorator
  4. Ok I have been thinking
    And ive decided to let the decorator
    Bring in a team to help (because there might be decorating company's)

    So I still need a decorator.

    And I'm now asking for 3-5 people to help me dig out the basement AND help set up the plan for the basement
  5. I think ima good decorator. Look for reference at Ulti Hq(16059)(smp8) at the parkour .use the command: /v +++ l to go directly to my parkour(enter the parkour hub teleport). Then enter to city and undergrounds.
  6. It looks good tuqueqe
    So you, and abstracttoast can be the decorators
    Would you like to bring in a team?

    Still looking for 3-5 people to help with the basement
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  7. Bump
  8. I've been very busy these days, and i think i won't be able to help you. Sorry for the inconvenience. Ill inform you if i can help. thanks for understanding
  9. Ok
    no worries
    ;) stay kewl and keep up the awesome builds
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  10. I could lend a hand. I am very good at interior decorations. I will help if you can provide me materials.

    PM me if you want to hire
  11. I've been told my ability to decorate is fairly proficient. If you still need a decorator just check out my res at 7396 (smp3). PM me first so I can add you to the access sign.
  12. Your house looks amazing
    Your master bedroom is my favorite :D

    When would you like to start decorating? :D
  13. I don't really know what materials to use therefore I don't have any for the rooms

    But would you like to help me on the basement?
  14. Yep.
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  15. Ok I will try to get on this week if not
    Then this weekend
    When I'm on come to smp3 /v 6028