Im looking for a icc eggnog :3

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  1. Heya the title say's it all :p i have some rupess and allot of very nice promos in which I am willing to trade/pay for a icc eggnog if anyone is willing. If anyone would like to know what i have to trade pm me :)

    p.s if this post is in the wrong place im so sorry :3 :p
  2. just a small fyi, they are as much as a dragon egg now, i think AC is buying them for 1.3 mill +
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  3. Thanks finch :)
  4. There's nothing better around Christmas than an iced eggnog. Particularly with a little rum in it. Not sure why they would cost so much however.
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  5. ICC Eggnogs are 1. Not obtainable anymore. 2. When used can give you a promo that was released between the start og EMC and 2013 which would be some extremely rare items.

    Here's the link for more Information:
  6. To add to that, not many around, and the ones around players don't want to sell.
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  7. 60 views but no one offering one :O :p

    if you do have one and am only curious to what i offer, still feel free to message me and ill show you what im offering :p
  8. post in thread, maybe someone will see it and say sure. Not me as i don't like to get rid of something s valuable. :p
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  9. anyone got one? :p
  10. bump bump bump :p
  11. Posting your offer in the thread certainly can't hurt. Potential sellers probably don't want to message for an offer they may or may not like. Someone that wants to sell may not message you but if they see a nice offer right in front of them they might take it. Having people approach you doesn't really work real well with something as rare and close-kept as an eggnog.
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  12. To add to this, many won't want to post that they have one because it can bring beggars and people who check in often on how much you want for it. For every 10 hours I am on SMP5, I one person will ask my 5-6 times if I am ready to sell something of mine. >_>
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  13. In my original post im asking if they can pm me, not to post here
  14. I'll sell you one for 2 mil
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