I'm leaving emc ;(

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Beau1999, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, in 1 week I'm leaving with my boyfriend to live in France:) that means no mc:(...so that means Im giving my little bro my account.:( so can I mod please change my age to 13 and my sex to a boy(for my brother)I love you all:) and now I have to leave:(ps: don't reset my res my bros using it he'll be on for like 3 hours a day:) I Beau Donald. Over And Out ;(
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  2. Sorry to see you go, best of luck with everything in your future. :D
  3. um, you're going to live in france with your bf at age 14? Isn't that a bit young for such huge life decisions?

    I'm thinking, you left yourself logged in, and little brother is having fun.
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  4. Thanks:(
    Please be nice to my brother he's name is Cameron but just call him beau1999:)
  5. Haha lol, I asked a mod to change it but they didn't get up to it :)I'm 18 in 3 weeks:D
    Edit I know it's too young but he's going to see he's partents for he's birthday for about 1 and a half years,:D im going with him:)I'm still going to uni and getting a job there:):D
  6. Oh I see. Well enjoy france :) you know, i think they have the internet there too.
  7. True but I think I'm getting too old for mc:). (Some People Never Get Too Old For Mc Let Alone EMC) ;D
  8. ha, bad to see you go! :( But still have a good time with your BF, best of luck! And remember, Wii wii. Doesnt mean, go to the toilet. It means Yes. :p
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  9. Haha, thanks, I'll keep in mind. I'll miss you all<3
  10. We still have to find the end tomoz!
  11. Yes, yes we do:)
  12. Good luck on everything Beau1999. Hope life takes a positive upturn from here for you. :)
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  13. I hope you love it in France. You are a great member, it is a shame to see you go :(

    but im happy for you that you are leaving with your boyfriend :)

    :EDIT: go to paris, "The City of Love" lol
  14. :D
  15. hey, should i keep you as a member of the minecraft council?
  16. Sorry beau, sad to see you go.

    ps why not give me all of ur rupees :p
  17. What part of France? I lived there for a year! Haha, epic fail look at what I replied to!
  18. noooooo don't leave :( We will miss you to much!!!!
  19. aurevoir mon ami.:(