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  1. Ellen Page is one of my favourite actors, and she made this wonderful speech. Listen to it all. Naow.
  2. Do I have to...
  3. What?
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  4. Congratz to her and all, but I find it really sad that we live in a world where coming out is considered news..
  5. I feel the same. But the bright side is, our generation is going to change all that, hopefully. We are alot more understanding on things like being gay and depression etc.
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  6. It depends who you talk to. A lot of people are more open to the idea, especially now with the idea of religion starting wear away (I am in no way blaming religion for peoples views about this).

    There's still going to be people who just have to condemn the idea. But at least you can go out and tell people you're gay or whatever, and your friends and family won't disown you.
  7. Society is slowly adapting to accepting LGBT, of course in some places its different to others. You will always have people disagree with the idea, but the majority today's society realizes (Well, in how do I put it, 'modern' countries, so basically the majority of america, Europe and Australia) that its okay to be LGBT.
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  8. Don't forget New Zealand, they're one of the first countries to legalise gay marriage.
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  9. I want to say this right now.

    DO NOT TURN THIS INTO A DEBATE THREAD. If you are against the LGBT that is fine, but do not argue it in this thread. You are entitled to your opinion but do not criticize this video just for that aspect. If you want to hate on someone for their beliefs and life values, don't do it on this thread or EMC.

    This video was great. Those were some very powerful, kind, and deep words.
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  10. So was the UK :p Although gay marriage has been legal in quite a few African tribes for hundreds of years.
    Actually gay marriage isn't actually legal in America yet, but gays are accepted. They're to paranoid about what the religious people will say. And no, i'm not blaming religion for harsh views on how homosexual marriage is look upon, but it does contribute quite a bit to people's views.

    I mean, like, doctors won't make you wait months, even years, to be diagnosed with depression only to say 'take these antidepressants that probably won't work anyway, they'll just make you worse'.

    And I also mean gay marriage being more 'understood', especially with the more scientifically advanced tools we have and a, dare I say it, 'smarter' generation of people, who usually won't believe in religion.
    I'm not saying this to poke at religious people, but most teenagers and young adults these days don't believe in a God.
  11. It is worth watching the whole thing. Trust me.
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  12. I find it cool people are finally going against the grain to say.
    I am supportive to anyone to find true love, whether gay, straight, bi, or undecided. :)
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  13. It is legal in a few states but we are on the verge. The House of Representative in the U.S. is mostly republican. People over here are afraid of change, in reality. I hope to see the day when it is accepted (since I have gay relatives).

    I would not say that but this new generation is becoming more and more anti-religious. I would definitely not say most but a growing amount.
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  14. Not sure that's the entire truth >.>

  15. What do you mean?
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  16. Your mother's sister's brother's son's cousin's mother's friend's son.
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  17. Me. :p