Im grounded

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by oidgod, May 10, 2012.

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  1. :( ive been grounded. I will be absent from emc, i may needyou guys to click my dragons and perserve my account if mu supporter is starts tonight
  2. I will click on all of them. Good luck with your sircumstances =O.
  3. Forever?
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  4. Yeah, his parents grounded him forever.
  5. :(
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  6. Parents. *shakes head* Tsk.
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  7. Alright I make sure no one messes with your pyramid at jungle community
  8. Then dig yourself up.
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  9. Back...for on hour.
  10. Why were you grounded?
  11. No idea, got 4 more days left. Than im free again :)
  12. Oh, lol, no idea xD
  13. :l I cant remember the last time I have been grounded..
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  14. Same. Maybe once. I dunno.
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  15. I'm assuming he's another who is either Underage and lied or "thought I had to be older to join"
  16. He was grounded by his teacher
  17. =P
  18. You saw that where?.
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  19. U mean?
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