I'm Getting to Old for This Nonsense...

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  1. Or am I? Hey guys. I am sure that no one here will recognize me anymore but I used to play EMC. Alot. But of course, there's things such as burning out, school, other games and my social life haha. That's besides the point, what I'm here to say is... congratulations. I'm giving away 10,000 rupees for my comeback. Yay. Also I purposely didn't label the thread FREE RUPEES because I'm just too cool for that business. Ok, you know the drill. Post a number, I'll random.org it. See you guys around.

    1. ZBSDKryten
    2. flamingpotato42
    3. ElectricKiwi
    4. hashhog3000
    5. Dwight5273
    6. marknaaijer
    7. cddm95ace
    8. Cordial_Pie
    9. PlayTehMinecraft
    10. TheMiniKins
    11. TomvanWijnen
    12. HurferDurfer12
    13. Qwerty189
    14. thestar19
    15. Dj__Krazy
    16. penfoldex
    17. mba2012
    18. brickstrike
    19. marine4121
    20. FDNY21
    21. THE_LEGEND4
    22. DemonThunder345
    23. Kman122000
    24. Gabrielrocks69
    25. creepybanana1000
    26. southpark347
    27. Runningrhino
    28. Gadget_AD
    29. bitemenow15
    30. princebee
  2. Lies.
  3. Sounds boss, 32
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  4. Well see you around the Smps.
    Number 5
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  5. I claim the number that is 12, also, I remember seeing you on the forums all the time
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  6. Oh yay! You're back! I do remember you! :D

    I'll take 16 please. :)
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  7. 2 wass up yo?
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  8. I remember you, you were that guy who did stuff on the forums and stuff.... anyways I'd like number 8 please.
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  9. 7 please, welcome back?
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  10. Number 17 please!

    btw, welcome back! :D

    So true :p
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  11. 18 please!
    I totally remember you :p
    EDIT: Did my above message disappear? :confused:
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  12. 15, hello...
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  13. Welcome back! 23 Please.
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  14. The list is updated! Thanks for all the support friends!
    LOL it goes up to 30. I gave you 22 if that's okay.
    Looks like it haha
    How's the moderator job going?

    Sorry I'm too lazy to respond to everyone :3.
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  15. Yeah sorry, Mostly these go up to 100 :p
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  16. 29 welcome back
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  17. Saj, welcome back! We missed you! (At least i did)! :D
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  18. Same old same old
  19. Very nice very nice
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  20. didn't realize you were gone :confused: 30 Please :)
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