Im doing a give away of 32 diamond

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  1. My girlfriend broke up 2 days ago and she really likes diamond so i wanna get rid of them. Just do as comment i want diamond and if you wanna say something else do it like this '' ''
  2. This is 2 days long..
  3. I want diamonds and sry for ur loss
  4. I want a diamond
  5. ill take one
  6. I'll have some please.
  7. Ill have somes
  8. Ill take a diamond. Sry for loss, lots of fish in the sea tho my friend :)
  9. I want diamond! And sorry for the break up man. :(
  10. i want one and look on the bright side at least you had a girlfriend i never got one so don't be sad.
    you'll find some1
  11. I want a diamond, "and sorry man :("
  12. I'll buy them all at my res on SMP4? Sorry for the rough time bro, it happens.
  13. i want diamond
    "Can you get them to SMP6?And hey, the longest relationship I've ever had was 2 weeks, so don't feel alone."
  14. lol you guys all got girlfriends i never got any1 :(
  15. wow that shut all you guys up
  16. Wow all really thx this means a lot
  17. I want diamond :)
  18. It stops i little bit to soon but i chose 3. those are getting a diamond block(s) :
    Pgoubert x2
    twinchicken86 (but you can get it on smp4 .8684
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  19. I'll have some diamond i'm sorry for your loss