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  1. So it's "illegal" to advertise other servers in game, but it's "legal" for the ad on the top right of this page to advertise another server? Am I the only one that feels like that shouldn't be allowed? I am by no means implying that Justin did this, I just feel like it's kind of wrong.
  2. Yeah, but I believe Justin only partially controls which ads are displayed, in catagories.

    And the ads that are displayed reflect what you search for online, via Google.
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  3. I get that, I guess because one of my top sites visited is EMC, it shows me this other server...

    But it's for a server where griefing and looting is allowed. No thanks. lol :p
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  4. Justin dident do this,Google decides what to show and not,And you too,The more you search on Google after "MC servers" and that stuff the more such advertisement will come....

    Dident see the other posts,sry
  5. All good. The funny thing is i never search for other servers. I like to DL adventure maps, but I stick strictly to EMC. :)
  6. Side Note: Alex you are like my biggest fan, I always get a like or comment from you. :)
  7. But,but What about me? :(
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  8. I've semi-advertised a server. It was in a thread about Tekkit and Hack/Mine that lead to me linking someone to a community that hosts servers for those mods .
  9. Never really talked to you. Alex on the other hand is always involved in a post that I'm involved in, at least it seems that way. :p
  10. As far as I was made aware, that's not allowed. That would be like walking into Google headquarters and saying, "Hi I'm with Yahoo and this is why you should come work for us". I could be wrong because you weren't advertising for your benefit, maybe it was because you were giving that person an alt server that allows mods that are not legal here?
  11. I'd say it was a shady spot in the rules, but it was on the topic and I'm unaware of Justin having any intention of hosting any servers with the said total conversion mods( they require a separate client from the normal minecraft launcher.) The person was interested in finding a server that hosted these mods, so I just obliged. I'm a nice person.
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  12. Alex is involved to every thread... Seems to his post number.. :eek: that is freaking high!
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  13. No I get that. I wasn't implying otherwise. I just know in game that is a bannable offense, maybe it's different on the forums?
  14. As the staff of EMC has stated before. The crime doesn't always decide a punishment. The intention behind it does. Also I wouldn't even notice being banned ingame. I for the most part hang out on the forums.
  15. Basically, they don't allow people to just login and say "come to my server". However, it's not entirely against the rules to give someone your server's address if they ask for it, although this transaction should typically be conducted in a private conversation, regardless of it being in-game or on the site.
  16. That is exactly how I took it. I personally have seen multiple 24 hour bans for advertising another server, even if it was simply someone asking their buddy for their IP in public chat.
  17. Every now and then I get thai dating adverts. Il post some funny pics of it later
  18. The funny thing about the server in question is it advertises that there are no rules... Except you can't cheat (ie. xray, etc..)
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  19. And if you see what I did there, you will realise that there are actually rules on the server that keep getting advertised.. :3
  20. Everybody nows: this one is the best!