I'm buying ENCHANTED Diamonds SHOVELS!

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  1. I'm looking to buy around 10Enchanted shovels, MUST have Unbreaking3 and Efficiency 4 or 5.

    NAME your price, if you sell for a fair price ill buy,

    I'm buying min 2 max 10. :)
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  2. I also buy that kind of Pickaxes. :D
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  3. I might be able to get u one to order (I say might I cant predict what the enchantment table will give me). What kind of price are you willing to pay?
  4. Depends on the enchantment
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  5. Well lets say I get unbreak 3 eff 3 what would you pay?
  6. I've calculated that its going to require about a level 30xp enchantment to be of a high chance of occuring so I would suggest around 4k really.
  7. If you're wanting an EFF shovel to help you dig faster, it doesn't make any difference.

    I had a Diamond shovel enchanted with Eff and Unb both at IV or V and it didn't make the slightest bit of difference to the speed I dug dirt at. You're better off getting a pickaxe that's Eff or Unb enchanted for speed digging.
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  8. 4nah, i could had bought 10 shovels with eff4 un3 for 25k.
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  9. Well if you have to dig a 60x60 res down to bedrock EFF IV or V WILL help ALOT. Also i already used all my 10unb3 eff4 picks for digging dirt lol :D
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  10. I still need more shovels/picks!
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  11. I have got 2 efficiency III pickaxes if your interested?
  12. Come to my Auction!!!! two diamond shovels!!!!
  13. that is enchanted
  14. Price?
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  15. i sell efficiency III enchanted pickaxes for 500r each, i have plenty in stock. my res number is 3144 on smp2.
  16. Thanks man, ill buy once i'm home :)
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  17. Yes, in pickaxes, not in shovels. As I say, these enchants on a shovel do not change the dig speed.
  18. Ok, anyways not many are enchanting shovels so i bough picks :D
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  19. nonono it changes the diging speed and it takes 10 seconds to go down from 1 block 60x1
    like 20 blocks downwards
  20. 1000r for efficiency 3 pick?