I'm back!

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  1. Hey there EMC. Haven't seen your lovely faces in awhile. I've been inactive for a few months now as I started college, but now that winter break is here I'm ready to get back into the server. I've reset my lots and all I got are my rupees. Can't wait to see the servers!
  2. Welcome Back!
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  3. Welcome!
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  4. Hooray =D
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  5. Greetings!
  6. Why did u reset ur lot?
  7. When you have been away for a long amount of time, the perfect to do is go for a fresh start.
  8. Basically. I wanted to start anew on smp2. Starting on some sort of netherbrick castle, glad i have rupees and time
  9. Good luck finding large amount of netherbrick, Moose has been buying most of it up:D
  10. SMP2 is the best in my opinion, welcome back to the empire, and good luck with your projects!
  11. I wouldnt reset after selling all my stuff very cheap to get some rupees .
  12. They already had all their rupees, I'm assuming they were a supporter in the past, so he had multiple lots. If they've been inactive for a few months, they would need to get a bunch of new items (Ex. Cocoa beans in large qtys., wither skulls, etc.) so they might as well restart.
  13. Glad to see you back. I'm wrapping up the college semester too so I know how it is. Here's to a long holiday break =)
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  14. I cant wait for break! Its going to be so nice having just one class for a few weeks =D
  15. Ya I didn't really need the money for my new project. I have amassed a fortune from my days as a supporter and running a decent shop. Money right now is of no object for the project
  16. I hope you get some rest over the holidays and not just play EMC! :p
  17. welcome back but i dont remember you lol
  18. By the way, epic wool art for your pic :)
  19. here here *sound of beer glasses toasting*
  20. Herro.