I'm Back!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Jeanzl2000, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Hello And I'm Back.
    Look There
    Thats right Diamond Supporter!
  2. Another useless thread,

    welcomeback I assume
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  3. Welcome Back Jeanzl :)
  4. Im a going gold soon.
    Sigh I can't afford diamond and a Mac air :(
  5. Noooo because that means I'm back to give away stuff and plan some events like:
    An Everybody wins give away
    Team Adventures #2
  6. ok
  7. But, but, but...
    You never left.
    So nobody really cares. This is a useless thread.
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  8. Never knew you left.
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  9. Oh stop being so rude you guys. If its sooo uselss to you then MOVE ON! and go to another thread -_-
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  10. I Announced me taking a break in august at 2am
  11. He hasn't been on for a while TRUST me.
    He used to be on smp3 24/7
  12. No,
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  13. I've always been on smp3, i've been on the empire longer than you, and i've never seen you online.
    Argument invalid.
  14. I have never seen you on smp3.
    You obviously don't go on at the right time then
  15. My res is on smp3, but I spend most of my time in-game on the wild of smp1. Plus, we have different time-zones, and in my first 2 months of EMC I lived in the wild and paid occasional visits to my res.
  16. Welcome back, I hope your here to stay now :D
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