I'm Back! (Project Idea)

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  1. Hey guys, I haven't been on EMC very much since July. And here's the reason: Two-A-Day practices started for soccer in July, then regular in August, I suffered two concussions with major memory loss, but stuff is coming back to me (I didnt remember Minecraft coming out or my login). But since I dont play a lot, I've decided to try a building that is a community gathering center. For staff drops, player item drops, or just to hang out with friends! You could tell someone to meet you for trades, ect. Is this a good idea? Thanks, Bunk
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  2. I love the idea Bunker :D
    Do you remember me?
  3. Easy Kid, when the concussion is so bad that it causes major memory loss, it's time to tone it down a little. You have your whole life ahead of you and it won't always be 100% focused on soccer!

    Glad you are feeling better, and I like your idea of a community gathering center.
  4. i think so, lol.

    yeah.. well i got hurt winning our third championship in a row, i was the reason we won xD
  5. Tomcasalino left. The tree farm is gone
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  6. He's coming back sooner or later though, he told me :3

    I don't know if you remember me or not, but I'm not exactly worried if you don't >_> welcome back
  7. D: poor bunker. Not sure if you remember me or not. Those injuries sound pretty serious. Take it easy!
  8. Yupp I am!
  9. I bet you remember me but not in a good way... what ever happened to all those heads you had a while ago
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  10. What heads? and no i dont remember you.
  11. A while ago you hosted a giveaway and you entered by giving you our head. You collected over 100 heads.
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  12. Oh, i dont remember that. But i dont have them anymore i guess? i dunno. lol
  13. Hey Bunker! I swear to god I will rip out your soul if you don't remember me :D
    Anyways, take it easy, and if you need help with any thing just ask!
  14. Ahhh omg I've missed you Braxton :D
    remember mee???
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  15. I know you won't remember you, but I remember seeing you on the forums off and on and I hope you get your memory back and that you get healthy.
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