[Buying] Your heads!

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  1. Now.. All of you are thinking.. Wow my head is worth 10000000r! No, it's really not. In all actuality it should pretty much be free. Buuut im giving you guys the opportunity to make 10r just for your head! Why do I want to buy your head? Res 2101 is expanding very quickly.. (Smp1 is losing the contest because of me, oops) with around 50-60 heads already. I want to expand even more.. So therefore, sell your heads to me! Comment below if you want me to buy :)
  2. 10r? I'm worth more than 10r! Just kidding, good luck getting peoples heads but you're not getting my head, I don't give it to anyone :p
  3. What if I gave you.. 19 diamonds? xD
  4. 50k for my minecraft head.
  5. D:
  6. *Gets offered "500-600r" for my head by bunkerllama*

    No, that really happened I'm not kidding.

    Bunkerllama can get all the heads he wants, but he's not getting mine. I don't know why I just won't sell mine to him no matter what the price is xD
  7. I sold my head for 2.5k.....
  8. My head is free :D you just have to trade me your head in exchange! ;)
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  9. Chicken ill trade yu when i get mine. Ill messgae you when ready :)
  10. Jerk
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