I'm back! (again... lol)

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  1. I know I know, I've been here a long time, and I stopped playing for a while (again...) But I would like to say I'm back! Ever since I got minecraft, I've had 3 usernames; Pikachukid213 (most seen), KiritoSAOxX (for the past year), and now I am PikachuKidKiri for possibly this whole year. Decided to mix things up, my old and new username. I think it's pretty cool. Anyways the reason I'm back is because my new best friend (forever) KayKay (KayKay x KK = <3 foweva) got me back into minecraft, and it's growing on me again. Yes, my depression is leave and my old self is coming back, thanks to her. Thanks to my friend Macy for showing me her cousin ^.^ lol

    Anyways, I'll be on a lot more now and I'll try to get KayKay on too. Her ign is _FireFlyz_. Expect me to be able to help any new players or old players in need, as I'm going to be opening a shop with KayKay so we can get rupees to help you all.

    Until next time, your friend,

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  2. Hi KiritoSAOxX. Great to see old players returning. Welcome back. I'm sure you will enjoy yourself again. ;)
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  3. yep :3
  4. Ahaha lol
  5. Welcome back to EMC, smp4 rules
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  6. wb!

    always nice 2 see more anime fans ^.^
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