I'm a mad man yo!

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  1. Blaze.png
    Oh how I love EMC.
  2. stop being awesome
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  3. 323 Levels! *faints*
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  4. how much lag?
  5. Lag from what?
  6. The blazes
  7. How does one see something like that :p
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  8. Not at one time, I think 58k Blazes would crash anuything
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  9. How do you see that stat
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  10. Fun story: TWICE at LLO, we had someone AFK at the double blaze grinder for so long that they spawned pretty much a server's worth of blazes. Staff had to stop it and kick the person. I think the second time the Spawners actually had to be broken. So more than likely, 58K would crash the server big time.
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  11. hax
    Ocelot snip.JPG
    Why, cow, why............
  12. If you're a mad man what am I?
    Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 11.04.41 AM.png
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  13. How can i see this stat...
  14. To check statistics do -
    ESC, statistics, mobs :p
  15. Um, maybe just go to the mobs section in the statistics? :p
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  17. What? He just did!
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  18. press escape
    press statistics
    click on mobs
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  19. Hit escape, click statistics, then click mobs.
    Not sure.png