I'm a joker so here are some MC jokes...

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  1. 1.I found this thing called diamond, I thought it was useless so I threw it in lava.
    2.I found a guy on my server, his name was Notch, he looked stupid so I killed him.
    3.I was wondering why this block called bedrock wont break?!?
    4.You've been playing too much Minecraft when...
    You Get Scared when it`s night time
    You try to give a Wolf a bone
    You complain about life not being cubic enough
    You always leave the lights on at night to stop mobs spawning
  2. lol most of them are ok but who would kill notch he is like always on creative.Lol
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  3. what do u mean ''no''
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  4. those are some of the best jokes i have heard in a while. but i think 1 and 3 are the best. 4 is a bit confusing
  5. I mean exactly what I said.
  6. what did u not like it or something?
  7. Uhhhh just say I didn't get a laugh cause I'm hard to break...
  8. Ok...well MC jokes are hard to come by...
  9. Yeah you got me there Don't worry dude they were great I'm just rally hard to crack and MC jokes are hard to make....especially on typing them.
  10. true
  11. She just likes to hunt threads and troll or insult them ;)
  12. He visits SMP servers to!
  13. has he ever visited emc?
  14. Maybe one day...
  15. ok has Anyone here Ever seen notch on emc or on any server? if u have tell when and what server.
    if u have a pic put it on her plz
  16. A long time ago, before I bought Minecraft, I was playing on a Classic server, and guess what.
    "Notch joined the game".
    All the others went like crazy, but by that time, I had no idea who Notch was (trolololol XD)
    So I was like "Who's Notch?" and the others laughed at me.
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  17. I think that I've played to much MineCraft.
    A few days ago, when I was going to close Skype, I pressed E.
    Nothing happened.
    I kept pressing it lots of times and got a lil bit angry, but then I realised I was NOT playing MineCraft. lol.
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