Illumination - A Datapack/Minigame

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  1. So, some of you may be wondering where I have vanished off to. Well to put it simply, I have been working on a datapack for minecraft 1.13.2.

    What is a datapack? A datapack is essentially a vanilla mod. It uses commands to add in its features. It can accomplish many things, such as adding new weapons, adding new mobs, or even adding new structures that generate in the world. And it is all done in vanilla minecraft.

    This particular datapack that I've made is essentially a minigame that can be installed into any world. This is done similarly to how you would install a schematic, a box is shown to you so that you know where to place it, Then you confirm or deny whether you want it to be placed in that specific spot.

    Now if you want to know more about the datapack, I recommend checking out my PMC page HERE.

    I hope you guys like it! You will probably find me on the Empire later. :)
  2. Random rooms and items, eh? Have you made sure the puzzle is always completable? ;)
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  3. Would love to check it out soon :)
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  4. Good question. :)
    I have actually, This is why I said the items given are "somewhat" random. The items given are based off of the room that is generated. As such they will appear to be random even though they technically aren't.

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  5. Okay, this does sound cool, I'm hoping to check it out... I'll probably forget, but if I see this again on Friday or Sunday... :)
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