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  1. Eh.. Uhmm what am I watching?
  2. It's KPop! hahaha. Korean Pop music.
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  3. LOl hilarious
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  4. I have n idea what to say to this... So i just liked this. I can be hip with this.
  5. I can think of only one appropriate response to that. Pon, pon, wei wei wei. And, indeed, pon pon wei pon wei pon pon.

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  6. I LOL'ed soo hard haha
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  7. Uhh.... Wow! My new favorite song jk
  8. I have only one thing to say to both of those.

  9. KPop is better than the pop we get from America and europe.
  10. I prefer Hatsune Miku.
  11. The girls can be cute and the pandas can be even cuter? :eek:
  12. Why is her face pink?
  13. Because she is a pretty pink princess unicorn
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  14. Because this guy

    is real.
  15. I have it as my alarm-clock. Highly recommended; if you put that on quite loud, on the other side of the room... you're pretty much bound to get up quick.
  16. LEEK SPIN! :D

    I haven't seen that meme in a long time.
  17. Hmm, I wonder what my roommate would say to this? He may wake up a bit perturbed - Only one way to find out :D
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  18. Perturbed reminds me of sheldon from the big bang theory. I don't know why.