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  1. iGTR's Promo Shop is a shop building on a section of iGTR's residence that is devoted to selling promos and other special items on the Empire. To visit iGTR's Promo Shop, simply use /v iGTR or alternatively you can visit through the residence number command, /v 123 on SMP1.

    We are currently selling the following items:

    • Vouchers
      • Vault Voucher (10.5k)
      • Stable Voucher (9k)
    • Bows
      • Cupid's Bow (16k)
      • Meteor Bow (17k)
    • Christmas Items
      • Avalauncher (60k)
      • Emergency Snow Clearing Device (35k)
      • Holiday Candle (17k)
      • Dancer (65k)
      • Dasher (60k)
    • EMC Anniversary Items
      • 2014 Birthday Cake (21k)
      • 2015 Birthday Cake (18k)
    • Labor Celebration Items
      • Labor Bench 2013 (45k)
      • Labor Bench 2014 (20k)
      • Labor Bench 2015 (17k)
    • Easter Items
      • Magical Eggcellent Wand (20k)
    • Thanksgiving Items
      • Feast for a King (12k)
      • Ham Hacker (60k)
      • 2013 Turkey Slicer (60k)
    • Independence Items
      • Freedom Blade (75k)
    • Misc. Items
      • Pot of Gold (25k)
      • Pi Pie (25k)
      • Maxarian Head (65k)
    • Diamonds and Emeralds by the entrance

    We are currently buying the following items for these prices or best offer:

    • Bows
      • Lucky Bows (50k or best offer)
    • Thanksgiving Items
      • Mob Drop Turkey Slicer (25k or best offer)

    We are thinking about eventually adding the following items to the Shop:

    • 60k Member Items
    • 100k Member Items
    • Halloween Items
      • 2013 Haunted Head
      • 2014 Headless Horseman Mask
      • 2015 Headless Horseman Mask
      • Headless Horseman Axe
    • Christmas Items
      • Holiday Pick
      • Rudolph
    • EMC Anniversary Items
      • Incitatus
      • Saltar
      • Valens
    Some of these items may already have space saved for them in the Shop, some do not.

    If you think that the layout of this thread could be changed to improve it then please PM me with the changes or suggestions and I'll be sure to take them on board. Thanks everyone, happy shopping.
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  2. Will sell some stuff to you
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  3. I do not have sell chests set up so you will have to private message me what you are willing to sell and then we can negotiate prices. Thanks, fBuilderS!
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  4. Updated the main post. Bump.
  5. How much for all ESCD's?
  6. The ESCDs are sold for 36k per, as stated in the main post. I only put one in the sell chest at a time but I do have a few spares in my storage too.
  7. Updated the main post to cater for new items for sale in the shop. We now have the 2015 Birthday Cake and the Meteor Bow available so we're no longer looking to buy those at this current moment in time. Updated the lists.

    If you've got something on the buying list then please PM me to sell it, if you see something that you want to buy then make sure you take a trip down to 123 to see our wares.
  8. Now buying the new 100k member promos. Please send me a message if you're looking to sell any for slightly under the 10k mark. Whether you claimed the promo and want to sell it on quick or whether you bought one too many of them and need some quick cash, let me know and I'll work something out for you. Nothing over 10k please, looking for sensible offers.

    Also updated prices on the Vault Vouchers.
  9. Adjusted the Cupid's Bow price and the 2015 Birthday Cake price.

    Increased buying price for Lucky Bows.

    No longer buying 100k promos.
  10. I added your promo shop to "Smp1's Teleport hub" at 2112. If you haven't already you might want to add the shop tag to your res. when I do /v +shop I've never seen it pop up.
    command: /res tag add shop
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  11. Adjusted Stable Voucher price.
    Added the res tag for shop. Thank you for adding me to the hub and for the tip on the tags, Kytula. :)
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  12. ESCD price has been lowered, adjusted EMC Birthday Cake prices, upped Lucky Bow buying price. Come visit the shop or PM me if you're interested in buying or selling.

    Also added the new 100k Member Promos to one of the floors, but sell signs have not been added yet. Added the items to the "coming soon" section, including the recent Halloween Items.
  13. Now looking to buy the Holiday Candle.

    Restocked the Maxarian Head and the Feast for a King papers, they are available once again.

    Adjusted some prices both in the shop and on the thread.
  14. Adjusted prices on Vault Vouchers and restocked the Holiday Candle.
  15. Labor Bench 2015 now for sale. Labor Bench 2013 price lowered.

    Moved 60k and 100k item stands, still not selling either of the sets yet however. They are still planned for the future, or you may have your own sell sign on the stand if you would like to sell some pieces of the set. Let me know if you're interested.
  16. No longer selling Valens, and hence no longer selling EMC Promotional Horses from the 2 Years Promo. Added them to future additions, as I may plan to bring them back in the future. Their stands are still there but we need more funds before we venture into buying these kinds of promos again.
  17. Lowered Stable Vouchers to 10,500r and restocked them. Also restocked the 2015 Labor Bench. Updating main post.
  18. Restocked the 2015 Labor Bench again. Shop updated.
  19. All items on the sale list should currently be in stock. If you're looking to sell any items too, then please let me know.
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