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  1. EDIT - Ignore this - rolled back to 1.6.4
    The new build was buggy and did not provide the benefits I was hoping for.

    Still continue to use 1.6.4 to connect.


    Hello everyone.

    In an attempt to make it more convenient to new and old players, we have updated our server to work with the 1.7.2 client, however we are still on the 1.6 Minecraft update!

    This means: No Wastelands Reset, no new blocks, no new Biomes.

    Nothing from 1.7 is on EMC yet, just using the client to play 1.6.

    We will announce it separately when we plan to update to the real 1.7, which will be 1.7.3+

  2. So, can we still use the 1.6 clients?

    EDIT: First?
  3. Okay so will the wastelands be reset upon 1.7 release?
  4. I dont think you can..
  5. awwww :( hope so
  6. Haunted Heads seem to be broken, they aren't shiny anymore :(
    (this was the only way I could show it, can't seem to take a screen of inventory.)
  7. Oddly enough... It was never shiny on my MC when I made them. I have no clue what causes that, but itll still work the same.

    But no, 1.6 does not work. I was working on something else to try to support all 3,but had some quirks and decided to do this update instead.
  8. So those of us that use mods that are only working on 1.6.4 are now out of luck? Just because people are to lazy to setup multiple profiles or change the version of the game that loads? Just freakin' awesome.
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  9. Well shoot. There goes all my mod set up. Thanks though Aikar! Much appreciated. :)
  10. Is this the "hack" you were talking about in the other 1.7 thread? I am happy that we are 1.7ish now but I thought it was unstable.
  11. My thoughts exactly. If is like, insanely easy to backdate. It takes like all of 5 seconds. Now, all of us who use mods are completely out of luck. I'm probably going to have to stop playing now until we actually fully update, because without optifine I lag ridiculously. This is really frustrating actually. Seems like since it's possible to backdate and impossible to fully update we should have just stayed 1.6.
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  12. I'd rather still have it on 1.6.4
    I already have Optifine and my other mods on there. I also liked being able to connect to other servers without having to switch the profiles.
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  13. I like this already, got poppys :D
  14. I agree, our mods no longer work. I might be missing something but I don't see the point to switching to this without any thing from 1.7... Can we please go back to 1.6.4?????
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  15. Still waiting on Aikar's RSVP :rolleyes: lol
  16. For some reason i have poppeys on my res
  17. Something cool for all you naysayers:
    I assume this isn't an EMC only thing, but item frames display item names!
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  18. Yes, all roses are poppies now, sort of
  19. It will say poppies for client side, but still actually roses :/
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