If you were forced to remove one of your limbs every decade, which order would you do it in?

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  1. For me, Left leg, Right Leg, Left Arm, Right Arm.
  2. Are you making a Saw movie or something? This is getting a tad bit creepy.

    Left arm, left leg, right leg, right arm, head
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  3. left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm
  4. Left hand pinky finger, then ring finger, then pointer finger, then thumb
    EDIT: Or maybe toes
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  5. head first, then toes in any order then legs then pinky fingers then i skip the rest of the finders and go for arms
  6. Well, I'd start with the limbs hanging over the house, then strip the rest top to bottom before removing the tree stump. I'd also probably do it in one day instead of waiting so long. :D
  7. This is getting severely creepy now. Why so morbid?
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  8. Um.
    I'll become a doctor!
    That's a good solution.
  9. So... human life vs ham...hide a body...remove a limb...also your profile: I NEED YOUR TEETH, FOR THE FEDERAL RESERVE!


    But anyway, left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm.
  10. " If you were forced to remove one of your limbs every decade, which order would you do it in? "

    " Is A Leg Of Ham Worth A Human Life? "

    " How To Dispose Of The Body "

    All this threads could only mean.... oh no...no.....

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  11. Wait.. how would you cut off your last limb if you had nothing else to cut it with...
  12. I would get rid of my head first. Won't have to go through the pain of consciously slicing a limb off every ten years.
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  13. Guillotine, put the suspending rope above an open flame, then wait. Hope for a clean cut.

    I'd just keep cutting off and replacing my left arm.
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  14. Well played, sire.
  15. If the NSA find these random threads you been making for the lolz... Yeah...
  16. Bumping for the new generation of Empire Minecrafters. Enjoy!

  17. I know your creator of this thread but please respect the red text.
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