If you were Aikar...

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  1. Every time you misspell a word you die, lose all your rupees and get teleported into a troll jail :)
  2. Lies.:eek:
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  3. I would code it so that if ANYONE were to say the simple word, "budder" they'd be sent to a jail full of GOLD blocks >: D
    I am soooo evil! :D
  4. I would blow up town spawn by using dinnerbone chickens and cows and withers and type /back to fix everything
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  5. I would make all the servers pvp! Or... make TRIANGLES!
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  6. My Little Aikar: Top 10 Ideas if I were him
    1. Make hostiles run fully on "Aikar time" (slow-mo zombies for the win!)
    2. Save the economy (Threw you for a loop, eh?)
    3. Make Melonbrine: a zombie with a melon head that randomly spawns Endermen everywhere to move blocks- drops a single-chest's worth of assorted melon blocks, melon slices, melon seeds, and glistering melons on death
    4. Remove all streets in town, straight to the void, every Saturday (Suicide Saturday for the win!)
    5. Every town spawn now has an automated KFC (Dedicated to Chickeneer) for those who need food fast for the wild.
    6. Dragon Tombs- Now only spawn in the SMP1 Graveyard (But not in Aikar's tomb!)
    8. Make Wither food stands in the wild! (Press here for 400 tasty snow golems, and here for tasty passive mobs!)
    9. Make an End Portal in mah basement... free dragon egg, endstone, and super secret Endertopia 3.0!
    10. Create a banhammer: Diamond axe that kills you in one hit, and upon death by Ban Hammer you are banned for 24 hours.

    Bonus: Test people randomly on how high they can count. ;) Did you notice the first time around?
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  7. Create an in-game mechanism, where players can auction off a double-chest's contents.
    Something like - create a sign, typing the word "Auction", starting bid, and bid increment, and delay from last valid bid to end the auction. Other players can right-click on the sign to bid on the item. Last/highest bidder wins.
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  8. I would create structures with blaze,zombie,skeleton and all of the mobs on MineCraft in different buildings. And I would turn them off and on, from time to time. Players can fight them all kind of thing and sometimes have something like a wither, 10 enraged zombies, 3 enraged skeletons and 5 blazes or something like a mob pack dungeon. I am a fan of killing hard mobs like momentus and stuff like that.
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  9. So many things I could do :eek:.
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  10. I would rename all the severs to Pie.Empire.Us
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  11. I agree with this, but it should be CordialPie.Empire.Us
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  12. CPEU?
    PEU sounds better xD
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  13. How about Desserts.Empire.Us, DEU
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  14. Heh.
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  15. Buy a better working watch.
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  16. I would make skelly and zombie horse available with random stats for 100k at /shop
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  17. Sounds awesome :)
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  18. Circle.jpg
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  19. I would do two things...
    First thing, Sponge Day!
    People enter contest and can randomly win DC's of sponges!!!!
    Second thing, Reindeer Villages
    Randomly spawned villages with Reindeerish features, give winter/arctic/Christmas trades, when eggified in wild they revert back to villagers, however if eggified while in town for 100R they remain Reindeer Villagers. Costs 1K per villager in /shop
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