If you were Aikar...

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  1. If you were Aikar what would you code into EMC. A new type of ore, a cool plugin, the dirt under your res all be diamond ore, ect.

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  2. I would place a million dinnerbone chickens all over spawn.
  3. turn the bedrock under your res into diamond ore, but you cant break it.
  4. I would ruin the economy first with sugar cane :p
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  5. you already have
  6. No, turn that into either dragon eggs or sponge. ;)
  7. Mining dirt drops as many diamonds as mining a diamond ore with an ore buster does :3
  8. I love how nobody wants to make EMC better.
  9. Because its already so good because of aikar
  10. Well i personally think 1 million dinnerbone chickens at spawn would be great for the community and the server.
    What darkangledav said
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  11. Nononononono. Dinnerbone COWS
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  12. Release dragon tombs? Nah. Push back dragon tombs until minecraft 4.8.5? Yes very much yes
  13. I would make EMC to be just like any LoZ game.
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  14. I'd just be a pie version of Aikar.
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  15. Piekar
  16. CIRCLES!!
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  17. I'd make evil in town... HAHAHHAHHAHH HAHAHAHAHAH HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHH!!!! Invincible Speed 100 Streingth 100 Zombies in town!!!! HAHAHAH I'd make players die instantly in TOWN!!! HAHAHHAHHAHAHAH!!!!!
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  18. Nay. Dinnerbone'd withers.
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  19. No. That would break physics.
    *Looks at round corners of laptop* FFFFFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM
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  20. You have circles there.
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