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  1. ok. one day i was sitting thinking about my shop and i said "i wonder what can make me more money and keep other people happy?" THEN! it hit me "why don't i make hotels in the wild for people who are in the wild and need a place to stay with A room,food,tools,mines,farms and advice for in the wild. so if you are a business person please reply to this thread and we could start building.

    Yours sincerely
  2. I would support it but its dangerous in the wild.It might get griefed.
  3. I know but i will hire guards to keep watch and if someone griefs i will take them to my court and tell the mods.

    ( you thought i didn't think this though LoL )
  4. Don't think he thought this through.
  5. Accually I have.What if ur guards are secretly killed by griefer assasins ?Or they happen to be busy?...I mean people like JL that diamond supporter guy.He could plant TNT all over the place...Then...Boom.
  6. Well then i make them go... BOOM! BOOM! with tnt with some help from dia supporters! BOOOYA
  7. Jl was a diamond griefer...If u made the TNT go boom...Well the hotel would go bye bye.
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  8. Wait do you have a conspiracy of assasians ( and there is no pvp on any empire servers! BOOYA agian)
  9. Yes because people want to stay in a public place in the wild. There is a reason most wild colonies are hidden.
  10. I meant by fire?
  11. Lets just end that xD.I'll support the hotel
  12. IN! you FACE. ok well lets stop this diamond asasians nocence ok
  13. What...
  14. By the way guys there is a thread a made on MineMart SMP5 i would appreciate it if you voted the thread is called Do you think MineMart should be bigger...
  15. Does your browser of choice not have a spellchecker?
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  16. yezZ sorry i will fix that...
  17. WELL Count me in!!! I will be the defence and weapons expert. I make traps, defensive dispenser cannons and special "moats". Depends on what server, if its not on 8 then GOOD! Then I can move from server to server.
  18. I am on smp5. so are you in for the business idea? yezZ?
  19. Definitely, We need to brain storm and make a very "stable" community.