If you play Xbox360 or PS3, CHECK THIS OUT

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  1. These guys make really cool custom controllers, i ordered one:D check ou their website and youtube channel, heres a link... https://promodz.3dcartstores.com/ the youtube name is lazamodz, to get to the link you could also go to lazamodz.com
  2. $189 for a PS3 controller?
  3. Buys 169$ *if you know what I mean* Xbox controller. Controller arrives at house the same day Xbox one does. Controller can't work with new Xbox *bad luck brian*
  4. I like how there's 3 PS3 controllers and 33 XBOX ones. :/
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  5. And people are getting this why? The new consoles are coming out in Q4, like 5 months away. Just wait.
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  6. Eugh... mandatory rapid fire.
    You shall not speak of those. This is a family Minecraft forum.
  7. what they do is, they put custom things on your controller. for example, you could get bullets (like real ones) for the xbox 360 abxy buttons, in sliver or brass, also you could add some led lights. But you can also call them and preorder what you want your controller to look like. They can also put REAL GOLD on your controller. You can order new ones or send in an old controller, and have it remodeled in your own fashion. I didn't think it would be hated a lot or I wouldn't have made this thread, sorry:oops: And truthfully, the xbox1 seems stupid, ill stick with 360:)
  8. *cough*
    This one doesn't have all that fancy shmancyness on it, its more like a gaming controller. However, that is still pretty cool, but the only thing I could think of for getting one is if I just wanted to show friends or if I had someone come over all the time to play.
  9. The reason people don't like it isn't the customization, it's the mods. It's not fun for anyone when someone has a trigger-mod in game. It takes away from it, frustrates others, and is just cheap. The point of the games is to do good on your own. There's no sense in accomplishment when you have to cheat.

    With the xbox1, everyone is like "Oh, it's stupid. It's not even an Xbox. Oh mah gawsh blah blah blah" when really, that was a reveal designed to target families instead of gamers. With several weeks (at the time) to E3 (Starting on Tuesday) it's obvious why they didn't release something big for gamers. E3 will show what the Xbox 1 is capable of, so don't judge too quickly, as they haven't shown us what it does for us gamer's yet.
  10. Xbox 1 is terrible have you seen the features?
  11. its the same controller....they just airbrushed it. you can buy your own airbrush for that price take off the faceplate and do it yourself
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  12. We've been waiting for a new one since forever so I don't care and most of them are just rumors and well the others get used to them because noone is going to buy the 360 3 years from now
  13. No one ever plays Pc... :(
    But i do play the PS3
    PS4 coming out!!!!