If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it!

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  1. Hello, I was looking through the EMC forums looking for something interesting and when I was looking at some threads some people said really unnice things. That were pretty rude. I am not saying names but it gets really annoying and hurts their feelings. If you ever are going to post. Please say it nicely.
    If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it!

    Lets make the EmpireMinecraft better by not saying Rude/Mean things.
    I mean like;

    Heollo guys i just joined emprie minecraft and i rly like it here! visit me at ####.


    whY Should i visit ur res! it has nothing but a wood stump and nothing. go away and dont come back another day.

    See what I mean. (Not saying what I wrote above was ever said, it is just an example)
    Thanks for reading :)
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  3. Welcome to Earth, you must be new here...
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  4. That was my thought exactly. People are going to be mean no matter what you say to them :/ Although I do agree everyone shouldn't shut down others ideas and such. It's been a lot better lately. For a while all the threads were was kids nagging on other kids Ideas. Lately it's been much better doe \o3o/
  5. Criticism maybe taken serious instead of a consideration...
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  7. I haven't seen anything like this in a while.

    The real issue is perspective. When someone criticizes an idea, there are times when whoever made the idea feels like that criticism is hostile. It usually escalates and then turns into a argument, with players who view it subconsciously taking side with whoever they like/know more.

    I don't think there is a problem. Some issues here and there aren't really a problem, as it isn't consistent. A pattern of issues is though.

    If you see something that is crossing the line, or getting close to that, then report the post with a good, descriptive reason. If it really is not appropriate, then the staff will take care of the issue.
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  10. I've actually seen this a lot. I know people are trying to provide feedback; it's just the way people phrase it. Like le example:
    "Hi guys, I am thinking about making a Wood Supply Company, should I?"
    Rude/ Blunt Response:
    "No, there are way too many wood supplies, plus you need to be able to supply large orders."
    Sugar response:
    "Well, I think that what you a trying to do is great, it's just maybe making it unique and stand out would help it's progress. A lot of people do have wood supply companies; if it doesn't work out, try supplying a different item."

    Not saying that this has been done; nor does it have to be extra sweet and mushy. Just saying it needs to change. Sometimes when people speak what's on their mind; they are a bit too blunt. Even some suggestion threads people just go, "No.". Most people likely disagree with me, however from my perspective I find that this is in the empire.
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  11. The real answer is in-between. Constructive criticism is okay but you shouldn't be rude and i think being too sweet is just as bad as being to bitter. Life is about learning and you cannot learn if you do (or at least think) everything right. I agree with brick.
  12. Well, I just like being brutally honest.
  13. Just keep it all to yourself, it don't mean you have to be a huge jerk a. Hurt everyone's feelings
  14. Now, I like to be myself, to some that is a jerk to others it is a friendly punch in the throat.
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  15. ... Ouch...
  16. You should see how debates are...