If you could make a new minecraft name, what would it be?

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  1. Basically, what the title says. If you could make a new minecraft name, what would it be? If you want, tell us why it would be that.
  2. [InsertNameHere] would be my name, why? cause yolo
  3. well basically ill make sure i spell it correctly!, my username was supposed to be perezfamily4l not perer,
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  4. Mine would be _Silver because that's my steam name (Don't friend me on steam) and it would help clarify things. Like the fast that Silverman is a Jewish last name and I'm not Jewish. (I didn't know that when I made the account) My only problem is that it won't let me use that name.
  5. ReinasaurousRex
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  6. I don't know... I would've liked Tourmaline, but apparently somebody took that one already. *rolls eyes* I guess great minds think alike!
  7. I always wanted Alligator56 but now I want LinkHeroofTime :p
  8. I'll keep it the same.
  9. Anything other than this username. I have too many options to pick just one.
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  10. Good answer. There are practically billions (possibly trillions) of possible combinations.
  11. One option: 1A2 or istickcauseidrankfromatoilet =P
    Iamfiftytwoyearsold yourusername ifureadthisyousmell
    I got many more dont ask
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  12. I would give a lot to have mine... Just...
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  13. Oh, there are far more than that. There are (in the ballpark of) 1,858,426,629 hundred quadrillion.

    This post would have been more relevant if I didn't get sidetracked a few dozen times while writing it.
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  14. 13phoenixes or TheBeaconKing
  15. TheOgreLord
  16. Is that including the limit of a mc username being between 3-15 characters?
  17. If it would make sense to people, one of my Neverwinter characters is Tyranna Saurus. Most people would be like "HURRHURR YOU MISSPELL TYRANNOSAURUS YOU IDIOT." Also maybe Fiddle Styx, TryppWyre. All Character names I've had on games. But everybody knows me as Panda.
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  18. Yes. It's actually ~108 less than that because you can't use 1-2 characters. The number gets dramatically higher if foreign characters are allowed.

    (~108 is completely wrong, by the way. It's actually 4032.)
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  19. When I would need to choose a new name, without much time to think, I would probably go with CSA607. Because I already got OrangeDuck607, and after that I only need born_ego607 to have my collection complete.
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