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  1. Hey everybody i'm Haerhitman, you can call me hitman. I've just gotten back into mc as of two weeks ago. haven't played since beta. Lot of new features to get use to. Just joined Empire Minecraft and i'm loving it so far, it's a very cool idea. I took up residence in smp5 lot 11049 and i'm willing to help anyone that needs it with whatever. I plan on being here for a long time and setting up an extensive shop for all you to enjoy. So hit me up if you need help or you just want to chill, i don't have to work anymore so i'll be on a lot.
  2. Good to have you! How did you find EMC?
  3. Found a list of public servers on google.
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  4. He just typed in google: coolest minecraft server in the WORLD and found it
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  5. XD and it was the first one on the list and he googled "Best Minecraft server In the World" XD
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  6. Haha, im beginning to find out how cool the server really is.