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  1. Hello Guys/Girls

    If i were to start a Wilderness "Town/Community/Place" what server would likely get the most people to join? I really want to start one i have a pretty good idea for one sorta.. i just want people to join and stuffs :3 so what would be the best server?
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  2. I'd suggest 6. It seems to be a little slower of a server so to me it seems like most people have their res' on the others, allowing more people to come. It's got about half as many online players as the other servers right now
  3. Well, one thing, DON'T do 9, because a lot of people there do grief, even if its 5k out!
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  4. As a general rule I'd say chose a different server than your homeserver.
    This way you can have your town home, find allies there and to get there after the first visit people will only need to switch server. People having a town home on server X are not likely to join a wild community on the same server.

    Less frequented servers seem to be a good idea to start to as you will come across less people from town mining in the wild and find less destroyed lands.

    Griefers will always be a problem. See the numerous other threads for ideas how to deal with them :)

    Good luck!
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  5. Umm 6 seems good :)
    But Zulu is a the master here :3
    Take his advice it is wise
  6. There seems to be a glaring lack of link here :D
  7. That is a good guide but seems to be more about protecting against thieves (which are also a problem) than griefers.
    Griefers do it often for either the challenge (so hiding can become a disadvantage) or just "fun" (in which case only people watching and reporting can help).
  8. Wow, I can't believe I didn't notice that at all. I had the link copied to the clipboard, but I completely forgot to do a simple Ctrl+V. xD