If I started to make Youtube videos on EMC....

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mrlegitislegit, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. What would you guys like to see?
  2. Depends on the content, if it keeps within EMC's guidelines then sure ;)
  3. I don't see how that can be considered anything other than spam...
  4. He wants to see potatoes... Nothing but potatoes
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  5. The EMC promotional video showcased a few of the grand builds on a couple of the servers... maybe you could do a video of some of the shops, or maybe some of the wilderness settlements as it seems there are more and more of them.
  6. Something that's new, cool and original. I can /v some really great builds anytime :)
  7. Shops and town builds are already over used in EMC videos, so I would be kicking a dead horse with that.
  8. My mistake of course :p
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  9. If you made Youtube videos for EMC, they would be Legit. Nuff' said.
  10. I have made a few, and will make more. Idea's will come just keep thinking about them and how to make them interesting, or different as Alex said original. If you think too hard about it though you might never do them so give it ago and you will improve in time. Just don't expect to much from them, it takes time to build up a good supportive audience.

    All the best with them