If I had 1 Million Rupees Thread

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  1. This thread is a add on in comments if you had 1 million rupees! What you do is say what you would do if you had 1 million rupees. I start first:

    If I had 1 million Rupees, I would buy all the beacons i could!

    Now in the comments you have to write what you would do! Have fun! :D
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  2. If I had one million rupees jk already do :cool:

    (Just kidding)
  3. I'd do nothing with them :p
  4. Actually this may sound strange, but I wouldn't want a million rupee's because;
    a) Wouldn't know what to spend it on
    b) I would probably get bored of having that much money
    I'll just stick with my 100k for now :p
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  5. Donate them to other people :)
  6. This is what i'd do:
    I would go on the "poorest" server, and the first person i saw, i would say to them:
    "Congratulations, sir/ma'am! You have just won five hundred THOUSAND rupees!"
    and i would pay them that amount :D
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  7. *rupees
  8. imagesCAW9TEDT.jpg
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  9. I'd
    1. Donate to my mini game winners
    2.Buy an entire shop out of stock
    3.And then try get a billion rupees
  10. I'd make my game center
    Pay a person to make me giant pixel art of GIR
    and stuffz

  11. Literally. Why did you take my skin. :p It's confusing people
  12. Lol yea I just noticed. Maybe he is impersonating people again :p
  13. You just sealed your fate. Your skin is next :p
  14. If I had 1,000,000 rupees I would buy some beacons and iron blocks then devote what was left of the million to my shop and donating to others.
  15. LOL no he can't because I would just report him on the forums.
  16. If i had 1 million rupees i would ruin the gold and diamond market more than i already have.
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  17. Thous fate hast been sealed.
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  18. Screw that, I would just ruin every market by selling things dirt cheap
  19. Look out, he did it
  20. so using the same skin as another is a crime now !?!?

    and if i had a million rupees i would continue doing what i do, public events and give aways
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